Dating Affiliate Programs
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Why you should promote dating programs:

Online dating is considered the most profitable legitimate market. Legitimate excludes gambling and the adult industry (even if many adult webmasters tie in successfully to web personals) In 2002 consumers reportedly spent 228 Million in web personals, a figure that isn't astonishing considering factually over 30% of web users are single and looking. That's a huge market any way you look at it.  Compare this figure to 155 million spent for financial and business news, or 105 million for audio/video entertainment and it's easy to visualize cashing in.

Dating sites are built on the principal that users can sign up for a free membership to get them in the door. Those members once in can browse literally thousands of potential profiles with such variables as proximity, smoking and drinking habits, wanting children, type of relationship and so forth.  It's once a user finds a potential partner that a request is initiated for them to open their wallet. Once they have purchased a membership ranging from 1 month to annual, they're free to contact potential dating partners. To many this is a superior alternative to finding someone at the local pub or on a dance floor. Exchanges via email are often casual, comfortable, intimate, and revealing.


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