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Match:  is the current largest dating site. They've been profiled in such magazines as Business 2.0 and are well on there way to conquering the dating market.  Founded in 1995, they routinely have over 5 million unique visitors per month, with over 766, 000 paid subscribers.

It's literally impossible to have your visitors review all the profiles listed there, and that makes a goldmine. They've paid out over 6 million since 1997 and are willing to pay up to $70 a head. Furthermore is innovative in the interactive content they provide members and have several full time database specialists that work on love algorithms. They are considered the google of dating.

What's important about is that they are constantly reviewing their software in an effort to optimize the service provided to members. This enables them to optimize the conversion rate. What's most important about a dating site is for free members to locate a partner they wish to pay money for in order to contact.

Here are some important facts concerning this program:

  • 3 million members with profiles

  • More than half a million new members register each month

  • Over 500 million pages served each month

  • Profiles are viewed approximately 6 million times a day

You can earn up to $70 a lead depending on the volume of traffic you send their way.

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