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Friend Finder:

Friend Finder is a current favorite amongst affiliates. They rely almost exclusively on this means of marketing and consequently pay well. You can choose how you wish to get paid.

  • Get paid per free member ($1.00 for men, $2.00 for women.)

  • $25 flat fee per paying member

  • Or 100% of the registration fee (19.94 and $139.94) 

Currently paying out over $500 000 a month. You can promote a wide variety of niche dating sites such as Adult Friend Finder & Out Personals.

Due to the huge visibility of this program, they also have one of the largest databases of members. Second only to When a program has this many members it converts well, & Friend Finder is a master at conversions. They constantly have content that is dynamically modified every day so that members are never bored and have a reason to come back, as well as become productive 'paying members'.

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