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First Date Tips for Women


Are women as clueless as men when it come to the finer points of dating? Well, the short answer is yes, simply because there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution to successful dating or relationships in general. Although many of the pitfalls may be different, a myriad of similarities exist which make the first date, as it can be for men, one of the most harrowing encounters a woman can face. This in itself may provide a little comfort by knowing you’re both in the same boat, though for a little further edge it certainly cannot help to keep these first date tips for women in mind;

First Date Tips for Women – “The Scent of a Woman”

First Date Tips for Women
If it is true that the first bite is indeed with the eye, the second is with the nose. As much as a cliché and obvious consideration as it may sound, fragrance selection can literally make the difference between the start of something beautiful and the one that got away. A good scent can attract arouse a person in a way like nothing else…this is simply a fact of science.

Furthermore, men are inherently highly sensory animals, therefore exploit this to your advantage with perfumes and shampoos designed for no other purpose than to entice and tease. Of course, self-control is essential as over-dousing it more likely to promote watering eyes and spontaneous combustion than arousal.

First Date Tips for Women – “Turn off the Phone!!!”

First Date Tips for Women
Yes you have a busy social life, yes you’re a dedicated worker and yes you’re keen to know that your dog-sitter is doing her job properly, but texting and fiddling with mobile phones at any point during a first date is nothing less than the Antichrist of romance!! Regardless of your intentions or commitments, texting during a date accomplishes nothing other than instilling worry in your date that you have 101 other things on your mind which are more important than him.

It may seem impressive to you how many people just can’t wait to talk to you about your big date, but they can and should wait! Lose the phone or lose your chance!

First Date Tips for Women – “Share… But Not Everything”

First Date Tips for Women
Honesty is the best policy and you practice it to a tee. Furthermore, your date is one the greatest listeners you’ve ever come across and just cannot get enough of your stories, right? Wrong! Listening regardless of what you waffle n about is probably one of his top three dating tips, so chances are he’s only doing it be polite. Feel free to share, indulge in anecdotes and even confide a little, but for Heaven’s sake please remember to come up for air every now and again!

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True, he may not have much interesting to say either but you’ll certainly never know unless you give him a fair chance…your life story can surely wait until the second date regardless of how interesting you might be!

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