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First Date Tips Conversation Topics


Awkward silences are an event almost everyone will face at some point during their lives, though there can be few examples more traumatic than those encountered during a first date. In fact, having nothing to say to each other is the number one concern of individuals in the run up to a first date, taking presidency over all else. As everyone’s tastes and interests differ, there are no iron-clad rules which can guarantee successful conversation and ultimate compatibility. Though there are a few tips to help even the most shy, retiring type avoid awkward silences wherever possible:

Balancing Gossip

First Date Tips Conversation

It has been said that talking about others and their affairs renders you as a gossip, whereas talking solely about yourself renders you an unequivocal bore. However, inviting conversation from your partner by balancing conversation and listening intently is the best way of keeping the flow going. A healthy mixture of gossip and a few details about yourself can work wonders when combined with an active interest in your date and their personality in general. Balance is key, as too much of any one of these can prove social suicide.

Enjoy the Silence

First Date Tips Conversation

If you really hit a brick wall at any point where neither of you have anything interesting to say. That itself is a great conversation starter! Why not break an awkward silence by actually discussion awkward silences along? With how silly it makes you feel when you run out of valid topics? This might sound a strange approach, but if you are both genuinely out of ideas. A little light-hearted relief in the form of a mutually embarrassing issue coulf be just the ticket to get the ball rolling again.

Current Events

First Date Tips Conversation

While it is a less than attractive quality to treat a first date like a non-stop news bulletin, citing endless facts and quoted regarding the fluctuating mortgage system in the Philippines, it is equally unattractive to have absolutely no knowledge of current events whatsoever. Therefore, a little careful research as to the biggest stories in the news can go a long way. Not only will this enable you to contribute actively to any such subject brought up by your date. You also have the perfect repertoire with which to break awkward silences.

Open Questions

First Date Tips Conversation

One of the biggest conversation killers in all walk of life is the use of closed question. In essence, by allowing the possibility of simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers, you leave yourself wide open to a Q&A session more akin to an interrogation than a conversation. As such, stick to open questions requiring an explanation. For example, “Do you like Italian food?” will likely spur much less of a response than “What do you like best about Italian food?” which requires much more detail than a simple yes or no response.

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