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Cheap Yet Effective Date Ideas


Awkward first dates are every guy’s nightmare. Still, you would be surprised at how frequent such dates happen. After such dates, a guy’s self esteem is damaged which might make them try to over-achieve on their next date if they are lucky enough to have one. If you would like to avoid the awkwardness, then you might want to properly plan creative dates for you and your special girl. The secret to creative dates lies all in the planning. Straight from the first idea of what you think the date should be to the actual close of the date; if it is properly planned, then you have no need to worry about any awkwardness. Here are some creative date ideas that you might want to try out.

Backwards Date

Date Ideas
One of the best creative date ideas is the backwards date. Simply what you do would be to start your date all over from the end to the beginning. This date would help break the ice especially if you are not yet used to each other’s company.


Date Ideas
If you are not feeling too creative, then the next idea would be the best date idea for you. Go out with the girl you have in mind to one of the restaurants in your town. Instead of ordering full course meals, just order appetizers. Be sure to let your date know what you are doing so that she will also join in the fun else she may think that you are just being miserly with your money.


Date Ideas
If you are looking for a creative yet simple date idea, then how about you make some kites and go fly them around in the park. This is a fun activity to carry out. You also get to get in touch with your inner child. Moreover, it is also a great way for the two of you to grow closer to each other.

People Watch

Date Ideas
Sometimes sitting down and watching other people at public places such as the mall is one of the best date ideas that you could ever have. It gives you the opportunity to sit and have a leisurely conversation while seeing what other people are up to.

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Date Ideas
One of the best creative date ideas to date is the random picnic. The idea is rather simple. Decide to have a picnic but pick somewhere completely random; a place where you normally wouldn’t have a picnic. However, ensure that the place you have in mind is romantic as well. For instance, you may choose to have the picnic on the roof under the stars.

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