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3 Visual Cues On A First Date


First dates are nerve wracking, especially interpret a visual cues on a first date. First of all, you probably spent hours getting ready, making sure you look your best. You’re worried if the other person is going to find you visually appealing. Before a first date you may even worry if they’re going to show up at all.

Another nerve wracking aspect of a first date is, since you’re meeting someone new, you’re not sure if you’re going to “click” on your date. You don’t know if you have enough things in common to keep the conversation going. This could set up some uncomfortable and awkward first date moments we all want to avoid.

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The final nerve wracking part of a first date is attempting to determine if your dating partner is into you. During and after a first date, we all want to know, does he/she like me? This is a question you can’t really ask. So the only way to know whether your dating partner likes you is to pay attention to the visual clues they are inadvertently sending you.

People, especially women, are very hard to read sometimes. But if you can sharpen your observational skills it will go a long way to determining whether your date likes you or not. Here are three Visual Cues On A First Date to look out for on a first date.

1. Eye Contact

Visual Cues On A First Date
When someone is bored on a first date they want it to end. This will cause them to look around at everything from the people around you, decorations on a wall, their cell phone or thee dreaded wristwatch. But when someone is into you, they will be looking straight in your eyes, anxiously awaiting your next sentence. The more eye contact you get the better.

2. Body Position

Visual Cues On A First Date
During your first date, how is your date sitting? If they are facing you, this is a very positive sign. The position of the shoulders really says a lot about how they feel about you. It’s normal to have them be at an angle to start, but if your date progressively “opens up” to you as the date goes on, you know things are going well. Look at their body language to give you a hint of how they feel about you.

3. Fidgeting

Visual Cues On A First Date
When your date is playing with their hair, their shirt or something around them, it’s a sign they are nervous. It’s normal to be nervous on a first date. But being nervous and fidgeting is also a sign that you like the other person. If they weren’t attracted to you, they wouldn’t be nervous because they just wouldn’t care anymore. So if you notice they’re either a bit shy, stuttering or fidgeting around a bit, take these as positive Visual Cues On A First Date.

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